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My not-to-do list

Age 12+ years

A not-to-do list is a handy tool to help you stay more focused on the important things in your life and career. Simply put, it’s a list of tasks you don’t do, no matter what. You delete them, delegate them, outsource them, or simply say no when they try to find their way on your to-do list.

5 Day self compassion journal for kids

Age 6 to 12 years

Early school days are fantastic time to start helping child develop self-compassion. This is when a child’s mind is generally much more flexible and open compare to an adult, so it’s ideal to begin planting the seeds of healthy thoughts of self at an early age. The activities can help child develop the self-compassion that will act as a buffer against some of life’s most difficult obstacles and challenges.

5 Day self compassion journal for teens

Age 13 to 19 years

It’s best to start building self-compassion at young age, and there is still tons of room for growth and development in this area for teenagers as well. These journal here can help teens start or continue to build a healthy sense of self-compassion.

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