I’m Rimpa Sarkar. I’m a Consultant Psychologist (Clinical), Psychotherapist & Mental Wellness Expert.

I hold a Doctorate & Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. I am a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist (CBT) and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner and practicing in Mumbai, India for over a decade.

I am also a co-founder of an organisation name Sentier Mind, where we are focused on serving organisations with psychological services for their employees & clients’ wellbeing. I am actively working on raising awareness on Mental Health and Suicide Prevention in India. Over the past eleven years, I have been working in different set-ups from hospitals to non-profit organisations and corporate to educational institutes. My specialties include working with adult individuals with anxiety disorder, mood disorder, and self-harming behaviors, although I address all conditions related to mental health.

I aim to spread awareness about mental health to the masses. I hope by doing this, we together can remove the stigma associated with mental health and its related illnesses and help those in our community who struggle to ask for help, and they reach out for help without hesitation. To achieve this aim I work constantly by creating digital content and sharing it on my social media pages and also raising awareness.

My approach to healing individuals is collaborative and I see therapy as a collaborative process.

We are both experts. I am an expert on mental wellness, and you are an expert on yourself. We’ll work together to help you gain insights into your concerns and the reasons that they are sticking around.

Services Offered

I provide following services virtually and in-person both, depending upon the requirement, feasibility and slot availability.

Psychotherapy & Counselling

Talk therapy provide a safe, confidential, & nurturing space, that helps to focus on developing healthier relationships with yourself and living better life.

Psychological Assessment

Clinical Assessment helps to measure and observe individuals’ behavior to arrive at a diagnosis and guide treatment of individuals seeking guidance.

Speaking Engagements

Whether it is a small group or a corporate event, I love to start conversations, talk and create awareness to fit organizations’ needs in an event or for a project.

Media & Corporate Consultation

I provide guidance and consultation to those seeking psychological perspective, insight, or interpretation into any case in an organization or any project.

Are you part of an organisation, institute or corporate and looking for counselling, assessment or EAP services for a big group or whole organisation?

In such case my brainchild SENTIER MIND may help you with this.

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