Ideal parenting during “Board Exams”

There are exceptionally high numbers of cases between November till February referred from schools/colleges or walk-in parents with concerns related to behavioural changes and academic issues among students, and one of the main cause is exam pressure. Exam time is not only stressful for the child but also for the parents. So, let’s say parents … Continue reading Ideal parenting during “Board Exams”

Media Violence – Impact on your Child’s Behaviour

Aggressive and abusive behaviour in youngsters is increasing at an alarming rate. Many times parents are seen blaming teachers, school/college authorities, bad company of friends, over pampering grandparents or excessive use of mobile. Outsiders blame parents for either neglecting or over pampering their child. But we are missing out one more reason that could be … Continue reading Media Violence – Impact on your Child’s Behaviour

Support Group in India

In support group you will find a group of people with common experiences or concerns who provide each other with encouragement to fight and survive, safe space to share their stories and comfort that they are not alone. YAMI : Support Group for Young adults with mental illnessesTarget audience: 18-30 yearsFees Type: Rs. 100/-Location: Andheri-E, … Continue reading Support Group in India

Govt. Mental Hospital/Institutes in India

The Government mental hospital provides range of services related to psychiatry in nominal charges, you may find different type of professionals such as Psychiatrist, Neuropsychiatrist, Psychologist, Counsellor/Psychotherapist, Psychiatric Nurse and many others for Psychiatric  Rehabilitation. ANDHRA PRADESH Institute of Mental Health, Govt. Hospital for Mental Care, S.R. Nagar, Hyderabad Government Hospital for Mental Care, Chinnawaltair, Vishakapatnam … Continue reading Govt. Mental Hospital/Institutes in India

Helpline services in India

A helpline is a telephone service which offers help to those who call during crisis. These are free Telephone based Counseling Services and can be access during emotional distress or immediate crisis. FREE COUNSELLING FOR SUICIDE CRISIS OR EMOTIONAL DISTRESS ALL INDIA NIMHANS Phone: 080 4611 0007 Timing: 24 x 7 MPOWER MINDS Phone: 1800 120 820050 Timing: 24 x 7 VANDREVALA … Continue reading Helpline services in India