Type of Consultation & Fees


INDIVIDUAL THERAPY: Individual therapy is a joint process between a therapist and a person in therapy. People may seek therapy for help with issues that are hard to face alone. Therapy can help people overcome obstacles to their well-being. It can increase positive feelings, such as compassion and self-esteem. People in therapy can learn skills for handling difficult situations, making healthy decisions, self-aware, self-growth and reaching goals. Therapy can also help treat mental, emotional, physical, and behavioral issues.
Individual therapy sessions often last from 45 to 60 minutes. Sessions often occur once a week. Some concerns can be addressed through short-term therapy over a few weeks. However, chronic or more complex concerns can require long-term treatment.  There are two ways therapy can be provided Face-to-face session and Online session.

COUPLE THERAPY: Couples Therapy is a form of therapy that supports people in intimate relationships. Therapy may be helpful for partners considering separation or seeking improved intimacy and understanding, resolve relationship issues, gain insight into the dynamics of their relationship, strengthen their emotional bonds, or find amicable ways to bring their relationship to an end. Premarital counseling is also available for individuals who are engaged to be married.  While the relationship itself is the focus in couple therapy, each partner is expected to pay attention to self-improvement and self-awareness and acquire healthy problem-solving skills.
Couple therapy sessions is generally held once a week. First session in couple therapy may last anywhere between 60 min to 90 min. Couple therapy is often short-term, though healing a relationship may take more time.  Face-to face sessions and online sessions are provided in Couple therapy as well.

PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT (PSYCHOMETRIC): Psychological assessment is a process of testing that uses a combination of techniques to help arrive at some hypotheses about a person and their cognitive, behavior, personality and capabilities. Reach out to learn more on this.


Student & Non- Working Individual Working Individual   Couple Therapy  Psychological Assessment 
1000/- per session  1500/- per session  2500/- first session  Varies
  • Cash / Pay via G Pay / NEFT
  • Only on Appointment Basis
  • Connect or Co-ordinate via Email/Call/Text (No Whatsapp)